Alfa hits the mark with Spark & Fury

Between touring the U.S. College market, Philippines and in LA and NYC, Singer-Songstress Alfa has been working diligently in the studio in San Diego and just released her fun-loving, catchy and sophisticated record via Pacific RecordsSpark & Fury is the ideal record for a breezy highway cruise or a relaxing day on the porch.   

Bare Feet is Alfa’s shimmering lead track on Spark & Fury. A driving four-on-the-floor rhythm section, pleasant pop flourishes and glossy harmonies roll through the track. Alfa paints a complete picture for us in each verse with her vivid and prolific lyrics.  Alfa’s uptempo energy continues on her hit song Blue, which is contagious with its upward stroke, island-ukulele and pop-punch vocals. A playful vocal melody and lyrical story encompass Blue. You will be whistling this tune browsing the grocery store months after your first listen. 

The upbeat and optimistic vibe of Incomplete and the harmonies through the chorus tie the song together in a memorable way.  The bridge and build into the last chorus keep the listener engaged and coming back for more. This rendition of the song is a nice contrast to the alternate mellow version of Incomplete recently released by Alfa's co-writer, yours truly. 

A light-hearted but sorrowful chord progression floats through Round & Round and pulls the listener in close. Particularly during the hook, Alfa pedals on a suspended chord that keeps us in a bit of a piano-lead trance. A cello hugs the track close, only enhancing the melancholy yet beautifully composed Round and Round. Alfa’s haunting voice and droning minor chords on her piano spin us back around to press repeat on this tearing ballad. 

Rubber Band is Alfa’s departure from the rest of the tracks on Spark & Fury. It veers a bit outside of her typical songwriting style on the record as it leans a bit harder against the rock and roll tendencies of her past influences. Tension, marching and brooding comes to mind throughout this tune. Some light vocal production and cavernous calls rotating in the background give a more mysterious vibe to this track.  

The chorus is a strong melody in M.O, aka Missed Opportunity. A bit of studio magic and mixing gives it a contemporary twist with a dash of inspiration from Dark Side of the Moon with the sampling of the cash register on Money. Soothing harmonies and a laid back feel on Nothing Ever Lasts and From Me help close out Alfa’s record in a conclusive and satisfying way. 

Alfa’s new record is a steady expansion on her strong creative repertoire. Alfa’s 2017 record Spark & Fury, is available now at digital music outlets worldwide (Apple, Amazon, Spotify, BandCamp). 

~ Matt Koelsch, Turbulent Records