Magnolia Makes Waves

After a 7-year hiatus, Dan Kaplan’s Magnolia ensemble slams out of the gates with a driving anthem track titled Colorblind. The power behind the toms and kick drum in the rhythm section builds a strong foundation for a lasting melody and shimmering guitar riffs that take the listener for a full ride. Overcoming the sadness, grieving periods and losses and powering through to the next chapter in life are the common themes embedded within Kaplan’s writing.

Sink or swim has a pleasant introductory chord progression and melody that showcases Dan Kaplan’s dynamic vocal range, prolific song writing and clear vocal delivery. Backing vocals and electric guitar carry the tune throughout and assemble a tune that holds weight, be sure to give this song a spin.

Beautiful lyrics, calm melodies and simple harmonies take the listener for a pleasant stroll through the hillsides during Without a Sound. Perfect for a long stroll or open highway drive, Without a Sound has a hopeful and upward momentum which will carry you away, if you let it. Stick around for the climactic build and you won’t be disappointed.

The album-titled track Chasing Daylight packs a punch unlike the rest of Kaplan’s previous repertoire. The pounding drums, gleaming electric guitars, blanketed synthesizers drive this song in an upward direction to its very last moments. Keep climbing with Kaplan as he takes you on a wild ride, and stay tuned for his upcoming releases and tour dates with Magnolia.

~Matt Koelsch

Turbulent Records