I'll Call You Tonight

HEAPS N HEAPS (Zach Moon, John Pruitt, Dan Dowsett, Alisa Fedele) bring a vigor that is shaking indie venues throughout greater Los Angeles and up along the left coast.  Their sweet blend of male and female harmonies has bright moments of raspy indie-rock, smoother moments of delicate whispers, and pleasant melodies. Backed by a solid rhythm section, Call You found on their record, "Like No One’s Around" has a lively beat & groove that engages any listener and promises to keep you dancing and bobbing along in bliss.  Look out for Heaps in and around LA, kicking it on Venice beach and making their magic on a stage near you. Be sure to save Call You to your indie-rock playlist and keep an ear out for their next release.

call you.jpg

~Matt Koelsch, Turbulent Records